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Microsoft Windows

A4Desk Flash Event Calendar Builder

Create a flash event calendars for your website in minutes! Add your own title, icons and clickable dates in few mouse clicks. No Flash, HTML programming experience required.

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Software Features

  • All-in-1 software for Windows, with easy to use user interface
  • Choose a calendar template and start editing in minutes! No coding!
  • Change the calendar color to match your website in few mouse clicks
  • Easily define clickable days with special events, add icons and descriptions
  • Easily embed web calendar into almost all types of website (HTML/PHP) with built-in tools
  • Suitable for creating a calendar for home page, events page, or any website page that needs a calendar
  • Lots of option for you to modify the template with instant preview, see [Calendar Template Features]

Flash Event Calendar Templates Gallery

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Template Features

  • Flash Web Calendar viewable in most browsers, including MSIE, FireFox, etc.
  • Support single or recurring events & tasks
  • Different icons can be used for event types.
  • Editable title, subtitle, and copyright text line.
  • Use Monday or Sunday as the first entry of week rows.
  • Different time format 12/24 hours format
  • Choose between the date formats:
    yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy-dd-mm, dd-mm-yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy, yyyy/mm/dd, yyyy/dd/mm, dd/mm/yyyy and mm/dd/yyyy
  • Adjustable web calendar size/dimension to best fit website
  • Supports background color and images
  • Different background image for each month
  • Support background music
  • Support for Unicode Character Sets

Flash Event Calendar Software: Screen Captures

choose calendar skin icon represent event types add event on calendar
Professional web calendar template skin Add Icon reminder for appointments Add event date / time to your Flash Web Calendar Supports background image

calendar skin
Flash web calendar template gallery